DKV Modular

Module C : Hospitalisation

If you are looking for an insurance that gives you peace of mind when any unforeseen event occurs, however serious it may be.”

  • Hospitalisation with no limit to the number of days (except for psychiatric treatment, max. 60 days/year).
  • Extensive transplant coverage.
  • Compensation for hospitalisation when costs are not borne by DKV (€80/day, maximum €2,400)

And you will have access to the following coverage

Pack your suitcases worry-free

You will be covered for up to 20,000 euros on journeys of up to 180 days. One of the highest limits on the market.


Unlike other health insurance policies within the sector, yours will include dental service cover.

Contact a doctor on your mobile phone

You will be able to contact a doctor by phone, video call or chat. Getting a first medical opinion has never been so easy.

Second medical opinion

If you want to compare the diagnosis of a serious illness and need a second opinion, look no further.

Medical phone lines

Free medical helplines for paediatrics, childhood obesity, nutrition, pregnancy, women’s health, tropical medicine, sports medicine and psychological and mental health.

Medical care in accidents

If you suffer an occupational accident or a traffic accident, don’t worry. You are also covered (according to the module taken out).

DKV Health and Wellbeing Club discounts

You will have access to the entire catalogue of health and well-being services at lower-than-market prices.

Optional coverage for signing up on the phone

Healthcare for injuries sustained from an accident, capital in the event of death or disability, additional income after a traffic accident and additional capital for funeral expenses.